AFJ Blind Valves

The Australian Flexible Joints blind valve affords positive leak proof closure of pipe lines, vessels etc.
Opening or closing an AFJ Blind Valve can be carried out by the plant operator in less than a minute.  It provides a clear full bore opening free from pressure drops and potential blockages and gives outstanding trouble free service.
The AFJ design is readily adaptable to suit special applications, materials, pressure and sizes.
All conventional valves, plug cocks etc are prone to develop leaks due to wear, damage to the seating faces or entrapment of foreign matter.  In many applications even small leaks cannot be tolerated and absolute sealing of the line is essential.  Australian Flexible Joints Blind Valves have a very wide application and are ideal for the following installations:-
Isolation of plant
Positive closure of lines
Main isolation valves
Quick opening manholes
Charging and inspection ports
Quick changing orifice plates
Australian Flexible Joints Blind Valve clients include most of the Australian steel, smelter and petro-chemical industries.
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