AFJ Fabric Expansion Joints

Australian Flexible Joints manufacture top quality Fabric Expansion Joints in Australia.
AFJ utilise the very latest technology.  The heart of most of AFJ Fabric Expansion Joints involves layers of PTFE or glass/PTFE which are welded on custom built welding machines. This enables AFJ to offer a gas tight layer that is completely leak-proof and corrosion resistant.
The external layer of all AFJ fabric expansion joints is also seamless, the method of attaining this varies depending on the type of material selected.
All fabric expansion joints built by Australian Flexible Joints are constructed on individually made tooling.  This enables AFJ to manufacture expansion joints with integrally built-in flanges and with guaranteed size and shape accuracy.
The strength of Australian Flexible Joints is in the hard to solve areas.  AFJ can assist with rush breakdowns requiring fabric expansion joints involving, high temperatures, high pressure, large movements, upwards flow-paths and particularly with dusty media.  AFJ have several proprietary designs to ensure elimination of dust build up in fabric expansion joint voids.
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